Sanitary Liquid-Ring Pump

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The SLRP pump is a liquid ring pump which is specially designed for pumping liquids containing air or gas.The pump is used in food,chemical,pharmaceutical and similar industries .The pump can beused for cip return.

Standard design
Sanitary mechanical shaft seal
Stationary ring is made of acid resistant steel AISI 316L with embedded graphite, rotary ring made of silicon carbide. The pump has a stainless stell cover for protection of the motor, and the complete unit is supported on four adjustable stainless steel legs

  1.Motors are built comply with current international standards
    Interation Electro technical Commissio IEC60034-30 and IEC72
    British standard BS5000 and BS4999
    Australian standard ASI3592
    German standard DIN 42673
    CE standard European Community
  2.Motors are built comply with current China national standards
    Q/J BQS28-2000
  3. Proper structure design
    Flexible outlet direction
  4. Superior electrical performance
    Minimum noise and vibration level
    High protection level
    All motors with IP 55 protection. Higher levels of protection are available on request
    Service and operating conditions
    Motors are designed to be available to wide range voltage fluctuations
    Class F insulation offers greater reliability and security
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